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About Us

About Us

Wattcare - Technologies was established in 2013 with the main goal of providing cost effective energy efficiency solutions for buildings. The first outcome of this endeavour was the distributed electricity and water metering solution implemented at Rio do Prado, which allows the guests of the hotel to accurately measure their water and electricity consumptions, while also advising particular actions that can be translated into rewards for the clients.

Wattcare pursues solutions to one of the biggest challenges of our times: the Environmental Sustainability.

Mission, Vision & Values

The following principles serve as our guidelines for each decision taken, and provide us with the momentum required to achieve our goals.

Our Mission

We believe that building a brighter future is in everyone’s hands. Energy efficiency is no longer an optional effort engaged by a small part of the society. The Earth urges for a sustainable use of our very limited resources, and it is our main role to provide our customers with the engineering solutions to achieve this aspiration.

Our Vision

Our vision is what help us put the theory into practice. We are committed to providing our staff genuine opportunities to grow in a sustainable manner, by sharing knowledge, but also responsibility. We intensively promote our values among all the stakeholders, so that these fundamental principles become intrinsically our own way of approaching problems and breeding superior solutions.

Our Values

Our values expose the foundations of our company. We foster, among our staff, partners, and associates, a series of beliefs that are of paramount importance to successfully achieve our mission: