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Are you aware of your carbon footprint? Do you know how to reduce it? EcoEasy® can help you!

EcoEasy is the flagship project thoroughly developed by Wattcare – Technologies. EcoEasy allows you to safely check your home/office electricity and power consumption on your smartphone or laptop, no matter where you are, as long as an Internet connection is available. Unlike most energy and water monitoring systems, EcoEasy:

  • is user-friendly
  • is easy to install
  • does not require additional cabling
  • uses web-based software
  • can be remotely accessed using a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone


Some of EcoEasy's key innovative aspects are related not only to the approach adopted to interconnect the wide range of home devices - which continuously monitor electricity and water consumption -, but also to the interaction between the user and the overall system.

In order to provide this flexibility to the users, the architecture of our devices relies upon two different communication systems.

The first one is referred to as the Local Communication system, which enables the communication between all the devices, with no need for additional cabling, by using the so-called Power Line Communication (PLC) or Radio Frequency (RF) technologies.

Secondly, the EcoEasy Command Center can be connected to the Internet, so that you can access your home/office current and past data, anywhere in the World. Our software is virtually compatible with any laptop, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Other Projects

Wattcare is currently developing several innovative projects focused on improving energy efficiency, safety, and wellbeing. In particular, the following products will be released in early 2014:

  • OnSMS: This small device can be connected to any outlet, and warns the customer, by SMS or e-mail, whenever a power outage is detected. The client can also query the device for the current status of the electricity supply at home/office.
  • WaterAlert: Also by using an SMS-based interface, WaterAlert immediately notifies the client if unusual water consumption is detected, allowing to automatically and remotely turn off the water supply.

In addition to these turnkey products, Wattcare is devoted to developing customized solutions for energy management, with particular focus on office and industrial environments. With a specialized team of engineers, Wattcare provides their customers with tailored solutions, optimized for each activity. Contact us today if you are looking for a complete and reliable energy efficiency solution for your business. Click here if you want to know more about the technology employed by Wattcare.